Tuesday, 21 March 2017

caring song for PB4L

Caring what is it  well it goes like this…first you have to have a heartNext you need to show you careBy the way you walk and by the way you talkCaring makes you and others feel goodCaring is sharing with others that you care about


O in my opinion if you care for your kura and kaikohe you will get you a prize and be good for the community and all of the people will give you lots of congrats.

R I Believe if you be a ticker to people you are a not very good people.

E the greatest part about playing good is no one gets hurt and you can tell a Teacher  And  Police.

O  only a fool would think that playing good is not good so if you are not good people.
20th  poutu - terangi 2017
Whainga ako: create a persuasive writing.

O  in my opinion i am special because i have a motorbike and  i have 5 tvs and  it is fun to play the game.

R The best thing about being special Is that   to be special is to love your family and friends and be good.

E  Everyone should Treat me good Because I am Good at Bonsen on the Tramp and on the Swing.

O i am sure that i can be special if you can i can to. and it is good to do it.